Napoli Oven vs Uuni Review

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After purchasing and using both the Napoli Pizza Oven and Uuni Oven I decided to write an article on what I liked and disliked

Napoli oven vs uuni review


Both the Napoli Pizza Oven and the Uuni Oven are relatively light weight, allowing you to take them with you anywhere. Also, both the Napoli Pizza Oven and Unni Oven can cook pizza at very high temperatures allowing you to get an authentic wood fired Neapolitan Style Pizza. There are also some things that I liked about the Napoli Oven over the Uuni Oven.

For starters, the Napoli Oven is black. I found that after using my Uuni for a while, the original silver color started to change colors, due to the sooty black smoke that comes from cooking with pellets and also from the extreme temperatures the oven can reach. With the Napoli Oven being all black, I did not see any color change to the oven after many uses and there wasn't any visible soot build up, making the oven look generally better in appearance while sitting on my deck.


Difference in fuel types

Uuni Pellet Box


A big deciding factor between Napoli Oven vs Uuni is that Uuni's fuel type is limited to wood pellets only and an optional gas burner. I found that wood pellets create a very sooty black smoke and give the pizza a more bitter flavor than using natural pieces of wood.

Napoli Oven Wood Burner


Napoli Pizza Oven's wood burner is much larger than Uuni's, allowing you to not only just burn pellets, but it gives you the option to use pieces of hardwood and lumps of charcoal. I prefer the taste of natural hardwood over pellets. Napoli also has a gas burner attachment.

Design differences

Uuni Front Door & Chimney


Another factor when comparing Napoli Oven vs Uuni is Uuni's design has a front door on it with a chimney. The hot air moves from the fire in the back, across the top of the oven and out of the chimney at the top. The problem I found with having a front door on the oven is that the pizza cooks so quickly (when the oven is around 800-900 degrees F) that you have to constantly remove the door to watch the pizza cook, otherwise you could easily burn it. I have been able to cook pizza in less than 90 seconds at 900 degrees F. This requires a pizza rotation or two during cooking, so you really have to keep a close eye on the pizza not to burn it and to know when to turn it. I found the door to be a bit of an annoyance when it comes to this. Also, I like cooking things like steak and vegetables with a cast iron skillet. My skillet has a handle on it, but since the Uuni requires a front door, I cannot use my skillet because the handle on the skillet will not allow the door to close.

Napoli Open Door Design


The Napoli Pizza Oven does not require a front door. The front portion of the oven has a downward ledge from the top ceiling. The heat comes from the fire in the back, across the top of the oven, and the front edge creates a convection circulation of the heat. The front opening also acts as the chimney. I found that both ovens get to the same temperatures (above 900 degrees F). I also liked the Napoli design better because it didn't have a front door. I usually have to rotate my pizza after about 25-35 seconds, and not having a door on the front allows me to more accurately decide the proper time to pull the pizza out and rotate it without burning the pizza. I also really enjoy watching the flames roll across the top of the oven and watch the crust rise as the pizza is cooking. At least half of my cooking experience with this oven involves the use of a cast iron skillet with a handle. Not needing a front door on this oven allows me to use my skillet (which has a handle on it) and cook a nice steak or some vegetables.


Both the Napoli Pizza Oven and Uuni Oven are lightweight and I can take them with me camping or anywhere I want. Both the Napoli Pizza Oven and Uuni Oven can cook a nice Neapolitan Style Pizza. In the end, I prefer the Napoli Pizza Oven primarily because it gives me more fuel options due to the much larger wood burning tray in the back. I prefer to use pieces of natural hardwood, or wood chunks. Wood pellets produce too much black sooty smoke, which negatively affects the taste of the pizza. I also really enjoy Napoli Oven's open door design allowing me to use my cast iron skillet. More information on the Napoli Oven can be found here:


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Napoli Oven vs Uuni